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Proudly Australian made sustainable fashion. Focussing on custom dress designs, simple couture,evening gowns & bridal wear.

About me

A Melbourne fashion designer specialising in custom dresses and gowns

When you look at my collection you need to live the idea that together we have created a story. A story of a Melbourne fashion designer who has created and wanted all her life one single thing. Simple, classic, couture beauty.

Eryn Saunders modelling a classic Lucy Laurita designer gown.
Dress fitting with Caroline OConnor
The lucy Laurita


Life is a dancer

We all glide through life to a different beat, in search of whatever it is that moves us. Life is beauty, passion, art . The steps are uniquely yours to take if you dare.

Black Rose

Unique, intriguing and you are truly only one of a kind. Allow yourself the comfort of a classic designer gown.


Life is an incredible colourful journey and every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.


Romance is timeless, it whispers softly as we become immersed in love.

Fashion Shows

View the exciting journey of our elegant dress designs through the latest fashion events



As a designer I won't shy away from my obsession for always ensuring my style and its approach is unique.

Now we all know that analysing what it is to be Australian is positively un Australian however offering you a unique perspective, presenting a style point of view, allowing fashion to not only work with you but also work for you is what we are mindful every morning when we get up to face a new fashion day.

Lucy Laurita is who I am, proudly designing & manufacturing within Australia and be it current or future client thank you for visiting. I hope my gowns find a place in your life.


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