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I’m thrilled to share a behind-the-scenes look at our participation in this year’s NGV Design Week.

Our contribution to the theme of “Transparency” unveiled in two unique ways: through the garment and through the wearer.

Sustainable fashion design

As a dedicated sustainable Australian fashion designer, I aim to create versatile, beautiful designs while minimizing waste. Transparency about our garments and the ethos behind them fosters an open, honest relationship between the designer and wearer. Most importantly, you, the wearer, become a vital part of this transparency by simply being yourself. Through a Lucy Laurita gown, we hope to inspire you to feel your best and look your best, ultimately contributing to a better world.

Collaboration is key

Collaboration is key in promoting this openness and sustainability. Our partnership with Red Moon Contemporary Glass Art Gallery allowed us to unite creative talents from around the globe, exhibiting stunning glass art from local and international artists. The guests enjoyed an immersive experience, interacting with fashion and art while forming connections in a space celebrating fashion, art, and wellbeing.

All Shapes of Perfection

Our showcase, ‘All Shapes of Perfection’, embodied the theme of creating a better world through transparency, currency, and legacy. It aimed to highlight the beauty and worth of all individuals, irrespective of their background, age, or size. The interactive event fused fashion, art, and wellbeing, promoting kindness, self-love, and inclusivity.

Transparency in Fashion Design

In terms of sustainability, the concept of transparency plays a significant role in our fashion design process. We create timeless, versatile pieces that transform with each wear, thus promoting re-wear and reducing overconsumption. In this way, our dresses embody legacy, a central theme of NGV Design Week 2023.

I believe that fashion should serve as a canvas for self-expression. What you choose to wear mirrors your interests, values, and personality. It’s a celebration of your individuality.

“I hope that anyone donning a Lucy Laurita gown feels empowered to be their authentic self, embodying the idea of transparency.


In pursuit of an honest and open environment between the wearer and the designer, I’m driven to help women feel confident and comfortable in my creations. My roles as an author, artist, and mental health advocate have further fueled this mission, emphasising the role of creativity in promoting health, happiness, and wellbeing.

Fashion & Wellbeing

By combining fashion and wellbeing, our ‘All Shapes of Perfection’ exhibition initiates discussions about inclusivity and the true meaning of “perfection”. It offers an intimate and immersive experience, encouraging guests to contemplate concepts for a better world and the value of inclusion.

Preparation for this event was exhilarating, filled with elements of spontaneity. Witnessing the models’ authentic reactions when they first tried on their dresses was genuinely transformative and motivating.

We’re excited about our ongoing partnership with Red Moon Contemporary Art Glass Gallery and look forward to curating more engaging events throughout the year. Our inclusion in the official NGV Design Week program highlights the value of our initiatives to the community.

Looking back at the event, the most memorable moments were the individual interactions, with the artists, speakers, models, guests, and online viewers. These engagements form the basis of a social movement towards kinder interactions.


Here’s a special thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to this inspiring event, particularly Jason & Olivia at Red Moon Contemporary Art Glass Gallery, event MC & model Eloise Grace, guest speakers Christina Chia and Adam Speak, and all our wonderful models- Abi Srinivasan, Adela Zemanova, Angela Viora, Edna Karina Sanchez, Lindy Vandermeer, Natalie Heslop, Sabine Contini, Shelly Chilcott

All Shapes of Perfection’ is a proud fundraiser for Mental Health Foundation Australia. Together, let’s continue this journey of transparency, inclusion, and growth.

Our fundraising efforts for the Mental Health Foundation Australia highlight the importance of mental health awareness and support. We truly believe that fashion, like art, is a form of self-expression that should empower individuals and contribute to overall wellbeing. This belief forms the core of the ‘All Shapes of Perfection’ initiative, tying in closely with the transparent and inclusive philosophy of my brand.

Furthermore, the fusion of fashion with wellbeing leads to conversations about inclusivity, social norms, and the true meaning of ‘perfection.’ The act of wearing a garment is more than a sartorial choice; it is a form of self-expression that has the power to shift perceptions, evoke emotions, and change the world.

The event’s preparation was an exciting journey. Seeing models react authentically to the dresses they were to showcase was nothing short of transformational. The runway lit up with women stepping into glamorous versions of themselves, illuminating the room with newfound confidence and self-assuredness. This experience solidifies my dedication to creating more such platforms for self-expression and personal growth.

The key highlight of ‘All Shapes of Perfection’ was the people – the artists, speakers, models, guests, and online viewers. Their engagement fueled a social movement towards kinder interactions and inclusive perceptions of beauty.

A special thanks to Jason & Olivia of Red Moon Contemporary Art Glass Gallery, Eloise Grace, our fantastic event MC and model, and our inspiring guest speakers Christina Chia and Adam Speak. I would also like to express my gratitude to our models who carried each design with grace and confidence.

My involvement in the NGV Design Week has been a truly rewarding experience. I look forward to developing more engaging events throughout the year and continuing the partnership with Red Moon Contemporary Art Glass Gallery. Being part of the official NGV Design Week program is an honour, and it reinforces the value of our work to the community.

‘All Shapes of Perfection’ has been a proud fundraiser for Mental Health Foundation Australia. The event underscores the importance of understanding mental health, promoting self-love, and advocating for inclusivity. It stands as a testament to what we aim to achieve at Lucy Laurita: a world where every individual, irrespective of their background, age, or size, is celebrated in all their unique perfection.

Let’s keep growing, and let’s continue to create a better, more understanding world. Together, we can make a difference.”