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Charity TV Adventure Allstars Clapper

Watch on 7 Plus: Mon 28th of November at 8pm.

Aside from being a fashion designer and art enthusiast, one other thing that’s very important to me is social well-being. It is important for me to connect fashion and artistry with humanity.

I enjoy seeking out opportunities to interact with people, understand their diverse identities, and connect with their stories. Also, on a personal level, retreating, connecting with my truest self, and safeguarding my mental health is vital for me. In 2019 I was inducted as a Mental Health Foundation Australia Multicultural Ambassador; it’s given me several opportunities to get involved in growing local community engagement by creating awareness of mental health challenges. Maintenance of great mental health and physical health are enhanced with the support of social wellbeing.

Project Karma Adventure Allstars behind the scenes

This year, in March, I got to do something extremely out of my comfort zone, something I could only gain the courage to do to support a great cause. I joined one of my dearest friends, Lucia Hou, positive change influencer and philanthropist, on a specific venture for Project Karma. Project Karma is an amazing not for profit organisation founded by Glen Hulley. Fostering the education and rehabilitation of children and rescuing them from sexual slavery and abuse. Specifically, I joined the crew to film an episode of the television series Adventure All Stars. I maximised my time whilst on location to interview each member, this was my opportunity to learn from each of these incredible people, who all came together for a greater good.

Project Karma Adventure Allstars behind the scenes
Project Karma Adventure Allstars behind the scenes

Parts of the interviews are documented in my story featured on Pages 39 and 40 of the June-August 2022 issue of the Segmento Magazine. I loved documenting the tales from Project Karma on that issue. When I took on the project, I knew it was going to be a great one. Filming for a television series like Adventure All Stars that airs in 25 countries and produced by Charity TV Global is not an opportunity one gets every day. Yet, what I didn’t see coming was the wholesome experience that I got from the crew of individuals. In no time, we learned that we all played our own part in creating something truly special in terms of human connection.

From Troy Gray, Australian Football League professional footballer turned Charity TV Global CEO, to Yahya Forrest, a young medical scientist and Rikki Manning, the field producer of the show, there was just so much to draw out from their personal experiences! For anyone who’s curious about my biggest lesson from the entire experience, it has to be that belonging is obviously not about identifying and connecting with one group. Rather, identity is flexible and as complex as people themselves, and as simple as kindness itself. The Adventure All Stars experience has taught me to put less emphasis on “I” and more on “we” as a collective community, moving toward kinder interactions.

Project Karma Adventure Allstars behind the scenes

Very importantly though, I would like to thank all the individual donors and sponsors. Nixora Group Pty Ltd, Tullamarine Swimming School, Momento Dezigns. As well as media partner Henry and Friends Live. personal trainer Darren McCauley and of course my family. When I joined the Project Karma team, one thing that was very important was ensuring that we were able to raise enough funds to promote the campaign as far as possible. This was done both individually and collectively. With the help of my sponsors and individual donors, my campaign was able to raise $10,030 toward Project Karma, collectively the team raised $138,645.82 . To date, Charity TV Global has raised over $9 million for charities. We’re very grateful for that!

Project Karma Adventure Allstars behind the scenes
Project Karma Adventure Allstars behind the scenes

Filming Adventure All Stars was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. Being an integral part of Project Karma was even more important for me. As much as I can, I will keep getting involved in projects that are truly impactful and drive my truths as an individual.

Check the rest of the piece below on page 39.

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