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This Mother’s Day, add something truly special to the usual flowers and chocolates—give the amazing woman in your life a dose of creativity.

Little Book of Perfections by Lucy LauritaIntroducing the “Little Book of Little Perfections” art series book—a gift that blends elegance with heartfelt inspiration.

The “Little Book of Little Perfections” isn’t just another book. It’s a captivating art voyage that savours the beauty tucked away in life’s simple moments. This superb compilation is a tribute to the art of noticing—the little smiles, quiet mornings, and soft whispers that fill our days with joy. Each page celebrates these overlooked perfections with mindful art that’s sure to uplift and inspire.

To make Mother’s Day even more special, each purchase of the book will be gifted one free greeting card from the set of 10 designs. Far from ordinary, this beautifully crafted greeting card provides the perfect space to pen down your heartfelt gratitude, making your gift a personal token of love and appreciation.

Curated to delight and inspire, each artwork in the “Little Book of Little Perfections” is a burst of gratitude and a spark for the soul. It’s the ideal pick for Mums who cherish art and the positive vibes it brings.

This isn’t just another gift; it’s a treasure trove of artistic inspiration that Mum can turn to again and again. Every page unfolds a new perspective, offering endless inspiration and a fresh view of the world.

This Mother’s Day, gift something as unique, creative, and vibrant as she is.

How to Purchase

The “Little Book of Little Perfections” is available now!

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And remember, a special greeting card comes with each Mother’s Day purchase at no extra cost—order soon to ensure it arrives for her special day.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a gift that mirrors her perfection—thoughtful, enchanting, and endlessly inspiring.

Little Book of Perfections by Lucy Laurita
About the book

Let's lift each other up

Uniquely created, this visually inspiring pop art book by Lucy Laurita takes you along your own nostalgic journey. The heroic, universal figure of a woman will inspire a new level of connection within yourself and other women within your circle.’

The book is inspired by the evolution of the digital age and my observation that we are disengaging from personal connections. Social behaviours are shifting. We are losing the human touch; a simple compliment has become almost awkward.

‘Perfection’ has become a nasty word.

Is that because we are putting too much emphasis on your analysing what ‘perfection’ is?

Your analysing of what?

To me, I see perfection in the simplest form, a moment of the day that made me feel good.

Who’s to say what perfection is anymore and why?

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Why this book?

Little Book of Little Perfections

I have created this little book to celebrate the little things that we do that are our perfections, not because we are told to, but because we feel it.

I hope to encourage us to share more compliments with each other as well as ourselves; to see beauty all around and to appreciate the little things that matter most.

I am Lucy Laurita, what I love most about being a designer is that it allows me to have conversations and shine a light on others.

Who will you lift up today?

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Lucy Laurita Little Book of Perfections
Social media Call to action card
Community Matters

As a Mental Health Foundation Australia Community Engagement Partner

I have been helping raise awareness and funds since 2019 through various activities. I am proud to launch Little Book Of Little
Perfections donating part proceeds of Book & Greeting card set sales to Mental Health Foundation Australia.

Your individual donations are greatly appreciated & tax-deductible. Contributions to Mental Health Foundation Australia can be made via the link below.

Donate Now

Charity TV Global is an organisation that combines entertainment with philanthropy. We have a positive approach to everything we do, hence why we’re advocates of ‘Little Book Of Little Perfections’. Anything to inspire kinder interactions and celebrate individuality, beauty, strength, compassion, resilience and compassion gets a big tick from us!

Troy GrayCEO Charity TV Global

Lucy Laurita has created a captivating and meaningful imagery collection. I felt an instant connection with the heroic figure, her vibrant positive energy delivers joy. ‘Little Book of Little Perfections’ is a social initiative to embrace and celebrate.

Henry WeinreichStoryteller, Podcaster, Designer

Lucy Laurita has a strength of conviction that everyone should live their best life and that this is made possible through the connection each of us has with others. She understands that we are all interconnected and that we should value and amplify this interconnection through kindness. This is why Lucy is tirelessly working behind the scenes in many community initiatives. Care for the health and wellbeing of community is pivotal for Lucy. Using her creativity and artistry, Lucy draws on her many years of professional life and own journey in life to tap into and reach out to others. Yes, Lucy is just one of those remarkable women on earth. The Little Book of Little Perfections is a beautiful way of recognising the beauty in all that surrounds us and connects us to each other. It really is very special.

Teresa De FazioEditor In Chief SEGMENTO MAGAZINE

Little Book of little Perfections’ is unique by design and purpose. As a community engagement advocate, this is a clever initiative, inspiring a positive mindset shift. I am proudly sharing the individual artworks as they make a beautiful gift amongst my family, friends and colleagues.

Christina ChiaChief Operating Officer of North Shore Coaching College & Community Champion & Mental Health advocate
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