About me

Australian Fashion Designer & Wellbeing Advocate.

Lucy Laurita specialises in women’s event wear and gowns. Her brand (est. 2005) is a celebration of beauty and quality and has grown from a wholehearted commitment to strengthening the Australian fashion industry.

Eryn Saunders modelling a classic Lucy Laurita designer gown.
Dress fitting with Caroline OConnor

Simple, classic couture beauty underpins Lucy’s designs.


Her collections – The Black Rose, Romance, Life is a Dancer and Botanica – each embody her carefully refined style of minimal seams and natural, flowing lines.

Having dressed many high-profile Australians, Lucy Laurita gowns have graced the Sydney Opera House stage, the Logies Red Carpet and Parliament House for the iconic Midwinter Ball. Lucy’s passion for live theatre has seen her design costumes for many Australian stage shows including Funny Girl and Titanic the Musical.

Lucy’s designs are available Australia-wide through her partnerships with independent boutique owners who value beautiful pieces made locally using sustainable fabrics and practices.

Lucy is driven by a profound understanding of the connection between creativity and wellbeing. Her recently released Little Book of Little Perfections is a creative response to the question ‘what can we do to connect through kindness, and to give voice to the simple beauty in life’s small moments?’. The result is a vibrant, handcrafted series of artworks celebrating individuality, strength, resilience and beauty all woven together in a collection to inspire joy and prompt connection.

Positive messaging about beauty and individuality are central to Lucy’s fashion work, as are messages around mental health awareness, support, and self-care. In 2019 Lucy became a Multicultural Ambassador for the Mental Health Foundation Australia, helping to raise funds, strengthen community connection and share information. Lucy’s new inclusive fashion runway events, All Shapes of Perfection, bring communities and industries together to showcase beauty and diversity.

When not designing, Lucy contributes to the bigger conversations around fashion, design and life. She is welcomed as a guest on industry podcasts, regularly writes about style, sustainability and business, and has been a recent contributor to Segmento magazine. In 2022 Lucy took part in Channel 7’s Adventure All Stars TV series raising $10 030 in support of Project Karma, an initiative working to keep children safe from harm.

In addition to the money raised, Lucy saw this as an opportunity to live her values: to share experiences with others, to step into the unknown, and to celebrate life and the opportunities it brings.



As a designer I won't shy away from my obsession for always ensuring my style and its approach is unique.

Now we all know that analysing what it is to be Australian is positively un Australian however offering you a unique perspective, presenting a style point of view, allowing fashion to not only work with you but also work for you is what we are mindful every morning when we get up to face a new fashion day.

Lucy Laurita is who I am, proudly designing & manufacturing within Australia and be it current or future client thank you for visiting. I hope my gowns find a place in your life.