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As you may already know, I love unique fashion and timeless style.

However, what gets to me is more than just wearing fancy clothes.

It’s more about style that speaks volumes. It’s the dresses that tell stories. Fashion, for me, is about providing a way to articulate these messages, through garments, fabrics, and, of course, bling. So, when the opportunity came for me to put together a piece that evolved around the ties of Italian roots in the current day Hollywood, you know I had no other choice than to jump on it!


Many thanks to the good people of Segmento Magazine for having me as a contributing writer.

It’s been a daring, yet amazing experience.

Speaking of creations, The June-August 2022 issue of the magazine features one of my writings where I explored deeply into the roots of Italian fashion in the world of Hollywood. No one gets to talk about timeless fashion without mentioning ITALY. No one.

The term, ‘Made in Italy’ has really made an impact over the last decades, even as far back as the mid-1940s. No one can imagine fashion powerhouses without mentioning the likes of Gucci, Armani, Valentino, Prada, Versace, and Bulgari.

Great Gatsby Theme

Both as an Australian and a fashion designer, I applaud the influence of the Italian fashion world on fashion as we know it today. In the article, I delved into how Italy is on the forefront of iconic styling, and how the fashion houses have evolved to keep in step with, or even to lead, community expectations in how we approach the embodiment of identity.

Fashion has evolved with the world and at several points, designers have had to adjust their selling point to reach a wider market. Many years ago, couture was the in-thing and right now, it’s evolved into much more.

Sophia Loren

Hollywood’s evolution

I also highlighted this evolution in Hollywood – from the Aida in 1953 which was all about exotic Roman-shaped gowns and Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita in 1960 which embodied the sense of freedom that was the message in that era. In recent years, these names and labels have maintained their high-end style however, with a trace of new age character and modernity.

Researching and writing this piece was an exciting experience for me. I truly believe it’s one of those timeless pieces, especially because of how it reflects history and the current state of timeless fashion. On a final note, I think I speak the mind of everyone when I say a very big thank you to Italian fashion, for the influence they’ve had on not only Hollywood, but the world of fashion as a whole.

The piece has so much more than I highlighted here. I believe you would truly enjoy it. Read the rest of the piece (and the entire magazine issue) via the link below. Remember, fashion is truly about expressing identity, mood, and message through what we wear.

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