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It is no secret that many women struggle with feeling beautiful, regardless of their stage in life.

Living in a youth and looks-obsessed society, it is easy to feel like our value decreases as time passes. Model Alexandra Valas stands as an inspiration, sharing her tips for fashion, confidence, and living her best life in her 50s with us.

Australian model Alexandra Valas tells us that the key to confidence is understanding that beauty comes from within. Once we grasp this, we will glow on the outside.

Model Alexandra Valas in blue gownImage: Steven Lloyd.

“There’s a world out there of us and we are all in this together. You can’t change being 50, you can’t change being older, and it is the most beautiful place to be on this earth.”

Alexandra is 50-years old, a model, influencer, and mum. She has pursued many different career paths: finance banking, fitness instructing and working in the medical field to name a few. However, it was only recently that she tried something a bit different – modelling. About 30 years ago, Alexandra dabbled in the industry, but after realising that it didn’t align with her life back then, she moved on to other things. This story is usually told the other way around, but Alexandra proves that this isn’t always the case.

Here you see Alexandra photographed by Steven Lloyd in Moevir, a French magazine that has given Melbourne-based designers the opportunity to branch out and showcase their garments to a European audience. Lucy Laurita’s garments were featured, as well as pieces from Blinged Accessories and Temelli Jewellery. Alexandra was personally styled by Lucy in her beautifully feminine and flowing gowns.

“I mean her [garments] are her children, and every one of them tells a story. Lucy’s designs capture a moment in time. They’re feminine, flowing and they do a dance – which a lot of the other designers out there do not do.”

Model Alexandra Valas on cover of Moevir MagazineImage: Steven Lloyd.

The picturesque shoot took place at the iconic Manchester Unity building here in Melbourne, with Alexandra describing the shoot as a “fairy-tale” and an “absolute gift and blessing”.

In Europe, the mature-aged modelling industry has already taken off, but Australia is a bit behind. Not only did the shoot give Australian brands an international spotlight, but it also allowed Alexandra to demonstrate that modelling has no age limit.

Model Alexandra Valas PhotoshootImage: Steven Lloyd.

Alexandra describes her style as feminine with a touch of edge. She’ll spice up a look with an edgy belt or boots to draw the look together. Clothing that enlightens your soul, and makes you feel regal and noble is essential for Alexandra’s style. She believes that embracing one’s unique features and wearing what makes you feel best is key to confidence. However, Alexandra emphasises that confidence doesn’t just start on the outside, but it also stems from within.

Alexandra tells us that feeling beautiful as you grow older is all about how you perceive your inner beauty. Practising meditation, self-care and eating clean and healthy are Alexandra’s secrets to feeling beautiful from the inside out. Living in a culture that values youth above all else, it isn’t uncommon for women over 50 to feel pushed aside and forgotten. It is almost hard to believe that feeling beautiful after the age of 50 does not have to involve expensive trips to the spa or 30-step skincare routines.

Ageing well is not just about maintaining what we see on the outside but encompasses emotional and mental well-being. “The wisdom and all the years we have – there’s such a benefit to owning all of that,” Alexandra tells us. Growing older and embracing that change is one of the most beautiful places you can be on this earth.

Written by Sarah Horvat.
Images by Steven Lloyd.