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Lucy brings with her to the Segmento readers insight and personal experience, stories of amazing people in the sphere of a life in Fashion & Arts

Segmento Magazine holds a special place in my heart

Not only because I’ve shared a piece of myself once or twice (especially in their March 2021 issue), but because they truly stand out in the Italian online and print magazine world, upholding the Italian culture, particularly for women, and also giving an opportunity for insight to those interested in the culture abroad by writing and printing in the English language.

ucy laurita and maurice rinaldi

If getting an opportunity to design for the cover models and talk about my style, fashion, sustainability choices, and mental health was huge. Imagine how remarkable it felt to be featured for a third time as a contributing writer. Interviewing one of the best in the photography game too! Think Queen Elizabeth II, Jennifer Lopez, and Sofia Vergara kind of best! It was such a wholesome experience.

Having the opportunity to create another feature. Interviewing Maurice Rinaldi for the Fashion and Design column was amazing, considering that we’ve been working together for close to ten years!

Working with someone in a professional setting is a little different from sitting down to talk to them and pick their brain. Talking to someone who’s been in the photography world and business for decades, someone who’s amassed experience through working with several clients from several parts of the world, and particularly, someone I’ve admired for years, gave me a new perspective, even those that I didn’t expect!

There was something about Rinaldi’s interview that screamed awareness and perception. He seemed like a sage that could sit you down and give insights into his years of experience, and you’ll have a journal filled with foresight that could last you a lifetime. His perspective on beauty was so precious! Hearing someone with so much experience in the industry explain what beauty meant to him was  incredible. New age beauty isn’t defined by being young, wrinkle-free, and steep-gaited. However, hearing him say 60, 70, and 80-year-old women maintained the same level of beauty through their confidence, experience and charisma was definitely something.

It was also a different experience for me because I didn’t have to ask too many questions to steer the interview. He knew precisely what to do. That comes with years of experience, I guess. He’s been doing this for more than 40 years, so he sure knows how to navigate his way around these

Finding out he didn’t always want to be a photographer, and how his love for painting and art got him to where he is today was one of my favorite parts of the interview. If by any chance you’ve seen his Humans exhibition, you’ll understand. Michelangelo and Da Vinci had a level of influence on those!

What started with a self-portrait on a Kodak box camera gift from his father as a teenager has blossomed into a gift that has inspired, delighted, and provoked viewers today. I believe he’ll continue to capture timeless memories, and I look forward to working with him again.

It was a pleasure capturing a piece of Maurice Rinaldi’s life adventure and story for Segmento Magazine.

You can read the interview and get access to the rest of the magazine issue here.

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