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La Bella Figura A frame of mind innate for Italians & certainly not limited to.

The desire to make a good impression is ingrained through the generations of Italians.

Immersed from a young age in the whole sense of it being essential.  It’s undeniable, observing a person pass by with impeccable style is captivating and intriguing. Christina Chia of Malaysian background shares her love of Italian styling from food to fashion and the value of adopting and maintaining ‘La Bella Figura’ frame of mind.

Christina Chia & Lucy Laurita

‘I love visiting Italy when I go to Europe, in my busy work, life schedule I’m inspired by Italians dress sense & the quality of their fashion products. It was on a holiday years ago travelling through Italy I met a shop owner in Milan that shared the words “la bella figura”. Literal translation is “the beautiful figure”, and he went on to say that it is more than just dressing well, it’s a way of life – your appearance, your manners, making an impression, your confidence, your dignity, hospitality, food, friendships and more.’

Christina Chia

Christina is an award-winning C-suite executive & a community champion, recognised as a leading authority who sees joy in serving, leading & building meaningful connections to advance our communities.  As a strategist she creates capabilities to generate sustainable value in a Covid economy. This led her to win the Victorian Multicultural Commission Awards for Business Excellence in 2020. Recently, inducted into the inaugural Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) Honour Roll.  Recognising her contributions & impact to the Victorian community especially in raising over AUD$300k through volunteer and community roles over the past decade.

Christina Chia

Seems to me Christina always had a sense of La Bella Figura with a whole lot of can-do attitude.

“Arrived as a migrant in Australia with two suitcases my two little girls, with hope for a better future and opportunities, and my faith and willingness to work hard matched my courage to make it happen.”

Chatting in her sunlight filled home with eye catching vibrant ‘Jellies’ art pieces, we indulged in limoncello ricotta filled cannoli, Buonissimi! We discussed how important it is to dress for the occasion, clearly Christina wears many hats and has crafted her method to successfully get back to face to face meetings and public speaking.

‘My style is a mix of classic elegance with contemporary comfort boosting confidence. Wearing statement pieces by high end Italian designers is more than a brand for me, it’s the style and how it makes me feel.’ Maintaining a healthy glow from the inside to out starts with a positive mindset. Smile! Smile! Smile! It is always your best accessory. Food glorious food, the classic Minestrone which combines vegetables, beans and pasta is a favourite – so wholesome especially on a cold winter’s night!’

Christina Chia

With a demanding work schedule and passionately committed to her community, life can be super frantic yet exciting, hence prioritises mental & emotional wellbeing with meditation, lots of breathing and time for herself to reset, recharge and rejuvenate.

A routine to alleviate anxiety is each night before I go to bed, I go over my outfits for the next day.  Your style is your voice without speaking! In my role as a corporate senior Executive, I feel it is critical to “Dress for Success” as the perception can translate to performance! I believe that a person’s dress sense reflects personality, character, mood, style, and your individuality. It tells a story about you.

Christina Chia

Christina shares her confidence boosting beauty tips

Drink warm water

This is a game changer for me.

I believe it helps relax muscles and increase blood flow & increase blood circulation. Add a slice of lemon to add a little kick. Of course, when I go out, I  love a simple champagne cocktail of good old Bellini!

Exfoliate skin

Apart from sloughing away dead skin cells, exfoliation thoroughly cleanses my pores from deep within. Ensure that makeup goes on smoothly without appearing cakey on the skin.


“Lights up” my face and gives me joy when I wear lipstick. I have lipstick in most of my handbags – just in case!!!

I love the Giorgio Armani “Power Satin” Lipstick 404 which combines long-lasting results and comfort

Self-Care of mental & physical mindfulness

  • Meditate – Breathe – Physical exercises & most importantly, take time to soak in the moment!
  • Gym classes with trainer– keeping my fitness to stay strong, healthy & happy. I know its scientifically proven and I can attest to that

A healthy and balanced diet

This is very important to keep energy levels up each day and to live a good healthy life.

Your Attitude Matters!

Having the right attitude determines the quality of your mindset, happiness, and life.

Christina Chia

Christina’s style tips


Well-tailored & a good fit is essential. I like to stay with rich colours – darker colours or white/beige. When presenting or public speaking, I tend to stay with darker colours.

Day Dress

simple, clean, and minimalist

Incorporate Accessories

  • A good scarf – especially for cold days and to add colour to my winter outfits or my dark work suits. I have several silk scarfs
  • I like statement belts – A Gucci or Versace belt to add shape and statement to my work outfit.
  • Handbags – My black or camel brown Prada Saffiano bag is a staple to go with my work outfits with space to store my things.


Valentino Rockstud shoes is a good one to wear from day to night


Up-cycle clothes in your wardrobe and wear with a new statement piece. I invest in classic styles so I can wear them in 5 years’ time.

Formal Event Wear

This is your time to shine, enjoy being glamorous with a sequin gown. A gown needs to be comfortable and flattering to your body shape. You will stand out in a gown that is easy to wear without feeling restricted.

Christina also happily reaches out to seek style advice and ideas from good friends and fashion designers of which, thankfully also includes me.

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Peter Brodbeck Photography assisted by David Bignell
Image 1- Light up your face with a long-lasting lipstick
Image 2- Dress for success by planning your outfits
Image 3 – Complete your executive look with a well-tailored blazer
Image 4 – Add a pop of in season colour to your classic look
Image 5 – Sparkle in a glamorous gown for your most cherished events. Christina wearing Lucy Laurita Kathryn Gown
Image 6 – Appreciate food, fashion, art & connections over conversations and laughter.
The Jellies Artwork Pink Jellies10, Green Jellies03 by Rachael Haack