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We discuss the art of dressing for your body type and you guessed it,  the wonderful world of belts!

Sure, of course, I am conscious and aware of my own body shape and tend to often fall into that trap of admiring different shapes to my own. I know I’ve wished that if only I had those legs, then I could wear… oh well.

Have you ever Googled how to dress for your body type? You must wear this but never wear that. It’s pretty general. It’s like using Dr. Google to figure out the diagnosis of your ailment. I’ve skipped a few heart beats doing that, that’s for sure. Like me, you will be enlightened, or flood your brain with anxiety. OR, like a friend that decided Dr. G was wrong and HE wasn’t pregnant, acknowledge the advice, but then decide if it works for you.

Dr. G may have told that you need to fit into two of five categories to get away with wearing a belt. But there are not just 5 body types, but blends of all of them. Don’t get me wrong, there is merit to some of the advice, it’s just a little too general for my liking.

The Serpentine Rope Belt adds a touch of style and sophistication by delicately enhancing your figure , simply wrap it around the smallest part of your waist and tie. This elegant versatile accessory will compliment your day or evening outfit. Also makes for a great gift.

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1. Practical; Hold your Pants/skirt in place.

I have a slight feeling that this was the sole intention of the belt. To keep your bottom covered. Without them, we would need to seek perfectly sized or elastic waisted clothing. They are very practical when I am not wearing active wear to collect my morning coffee.

2. Accentuate your curves

Fact. The trick to this is positioning. This will be different for everyone but a simple belt will bring your clothing inward, making contact with your body. A higher positioned belt will enhance your bust or elongate your legs. A lower position will bring in that waistline for more balance between the upper and lower body.

Try various options and take a photo in the mirror. Looking back at the photos quickly, you will see how this changes your shape and know which is right for you. Keep in mind this may vary for each outfit.

3. Enhance your outfit.

A belt doesn’t have to be practical or even accentuate your body. Belts play a very important role in design. Look at your outfit as a work of art.


It breaks up the design. If you are wearing all one colour or simple pattern, a belt with a contrasting colour or texture will pop and become the subtle hero. This could be a thin red belt over navy blue, a large shiny buckle over a darker outfit or even something shiny over a matte outfit.


When wearing a two or three piece outfit, a belt is ‘the item’ that defines each element of the outfit. Just like a picture frame on your wall tells you where the wall stops and the art begins, a belt does this for your top and skirt (or pants). Be bold. When framing, you don’t want the belt to blend. Use a wider belt that holds its own.

It’s not the size of the belt that matters, it’s how you use it that counts!