Little Book of Little Perfections A4 Book of limited release inspiring art series posters.

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She’s who I want to be. Embark on a journey of empowering women.

Uniquely created, this visually inspiring pop art book by Lucy Laurita takes you along your own nostalgic journey. The heroic, universal figure of a woman will inspire a new level of connection within yourself and other women within your circle.

Little Book of Little Perfection will challenge how you think in this powerful and vibrant pop art book. The power of positive thinking is aptly illustrated for an audience that has lost touch with a human connection through a digital world. Re-connect to the magic and beauty that, not only surrounds us but comes from within.

Encourage yourself and others to reflect. To update your definition of what it means to be perfect. To spark joy.

Stop self-sabotage and encourage personal growth. Emerge a new woman, rising from the ashes, like a phoenix reborn.

Printed on 300gsm cover and 150gsm pages, produced with FSC certified Green-e Certified fibre sourced from responsibly managed forests. Made with elemental chlorine-free pulp helping to reduce harmful by-products.

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Community Matters

As a Mental Health Foundation Australia Community Engagement Partner

I have been helping raise awareness and funds since 2019 through various activities. I am proud to launch Little Book Of Little
Perfections donating part proceeds of Book & Greeting card set sales to Mental Health Foundation Australia.

Your individual donations are greatly appreciated & tax-deductible. Contributions to Mental Health Foundation Australia can be made via the link below.

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About the Author

Lucy Laurita has dedicated her life to shining light on others. This book is an eloquent portrayal and celebration of womanhood and everything it entails.

Lucy captures the imagination of her audience to help them regain a human touch in an all too digital world. Find that spark within yourself and share it with the world.

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