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Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival ‘Fun With Leiela’

By November 9, 2012January 25th, 2018No Comments

Spring Racing Carnival 2012 ‘Fun With Leiela’

A day with Jacqui Walker

Wow! What a day I had on Wednesday 31st October, at the Bendigo Cup.

 I’ve been performing professionally for 18 years but my band is only new, forming in March this year. In that time I have had the huge honour of performing at some truly amazing venues and events. The highlight so far being THIS one. We played trackside on the main stage at the Bendigo Cup! Having seen Lucy’s gorgeous Leiela designs at the Mrs Australia Finals last year, I applied to be a part of the “Fun With Leiela” promotion for the spring racing carnival. Lucy was so supportive and happy to work with me to find the perfect outfit for me for the day.

Nerves were building for two weeks as I awaited the final run sheet from the C.E.O. Ian Hart, who I’d been speaking with the past 2 months. There were consultations and fittings with Lucy and Sara and planning music.

Having been involved in organising and performing at events many times before, I knew the importance of sticking to the schedule and so on the day, I have everything printed and was ready to go. My gorgeous husband Glen (also my Bass player) had the van packed and ready the day before.

Although performing from 3pm, we left Mooroolbark early at 8:15am and picked up my guitarist and drummer on our way to Bendigo. We fit everything in – JUST! Great preparation for our N.T. tour next year. We arrived at Bendigo at around 11:45am and it was around 35 degrees in the sun. Not too pleasant, so I couldn’t wait to unload the van so I could apply sunscreen and get into some shade. We were escorted by security through the staff entrance and they unlocked a compound for us to park our van. They then supervised and assisted while we unloaded everything to side of stage where Fashions on The Field was about to commence. I’d previously given some serious consideration to entering myself, given that I was dressed in a beautiful one off design by Leiela, but when I saw how many people there were, and the van that needed unpacking and my band that awaited my instructions, I decided against it. I did have the opportunity to watch side of stage, once we were unloaded.

Despite a lot of waiting, we had the most amazing day! So many friendly people, everywhere.

We waited until Fashions was completed for our set up in record time. 25 minutes it took with the help of Anthony, a wonderful sound engineer.

After pour first set, we had attracted the attention of a few people who were pretty happy. I asked for security at this point as I thought I could anticipate what was going to happen next after having worked in the industry for the past 18 years.

During our second set, a crowd had gathered, and were really enjoying our music. I was given flowers on stage by many people – both men and women, and when they began chanting my name, the mood changed completely. It became quite boisterous and pretty surreal actually.  When they began jumping up onto the stage, that’s when the security came running. We ended up with up to 8 security staff and a group of police officers stood by observing also. We got through the set and hid behind the stage in our waiting area while the crowd yelled for us to come back onto stage. They seemed to forget that the whole purpose for the day was the Bendigo Cup horse race, and this is the reason we had to take a break – for the race!

When we got onto stage for our last set, the security staff had moved the crowd outside of the fence so we were entertaining a crowd which was at least 10 metres from us. I’m still undecided what I prefer – being mobbed or having the audience so far away. What an experience. I felt like such a rock star and my band and I enjoyed the day from start to end.

Thank you so much to Lucy and Sara from Leiela, for helping to make my day the success it was. I had so many compliments about my outfit, especially my gorgeous head piece. I have never before been dressed by a designer and I felt so special. Thank you to Lucy in particular for helping me to feel like a beautiful and elegant woman!!!!!


Jacqui Walker