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Formal wear

Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival ‘Fun With Leiela’

By November 12, 2012January 15th, 2018No Comments

Black & White with a Splash of Red

AAMI Victoria Derby Day 2012

 A Day With Nikki Chamberlain

After 5 years in Melbourne and talking about going to the Spring Racing Carnival every year without success, ‘Fun With Leiela’ Spring Carnival Promotion was a wonderful opportunity to gather the ladies together and attend my first renowned race day.

Having a dress especially made for me was a fun and admirable experience. I arrived at my first fitting and was welcomed by Lucy Laurita as she excitedly showed me a roll of black and white checked sheer material that her imagination had already started getting to work on. I stood in the front of the shop as Lucy draped and dressed the material around me, cutting, arranging, pinning and stitching here and there. I can honestly say I have never been fitted nor had a dress made for me in such a manor, I absolutely praise Lucy’s vision and practice. The addition of a red fascinator was decided as soon as I mentioned my favourite colour was red and that I could wear red heels to the day. As the fitting and the shape and style of the dress evolved we both knew this would be a stand out all round fun dress for Derby Day. The final fitting saw the addition of a white pearl sequinned slip that hinted through the garment once on and everything in place. When describing it to my friends and colleagues the only dresses I could liken it to was those from Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, needless to say I was super pumped for Derby Day!


The morning of Derby Day the ladies and I sat down to a champagne breakfast, think music playing, salmon, poached eggs, english muffins, strawberries and naturally champagne, we had decided nothing but style and fun for the day. Nail polish applied, hair curled and up and makeup done, we got into our dresses and were chauffeured to Flemington by my lovely mum.


For the day we were seated in the Lawn grandstand with prime view of the finishing line, there was no way that I/we would a) sit on the ground in my Leiela dress b) trust Melbourne weather and c) aim to look after the wellbeing of our feet. Our day was full of a pleasantly surprising blue sky with scattered white fluffy clouds, champagne, cupcakes, strawberries, chocolate, photos and cheering. Having seen all of the fashion for the day it is safe to say that my dress was a standout one of a kind with compliments and heads turning I was a very proud race goer.


Thanks to Lucy for an amazing dress, and making my first Spring Carnival race day extra special and extra fun.