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Kids fashion has always been part of finding ourselves growing up. We just have a larger audience these days.

Children, are naturally themselves. Our kids fashion choices are out there too! If they want to wear pants as a hat, they don’t care what anyone thinks. If they get upset, you probably know about it! There is a stage of every child’s life, where their thoughts move from self to world. Awareness of everything, and everyone around them.

Part of growing up is navigating the world. Fashion is almost always part of growing up and finding our Identity. Finding our place in the world. So, this is what I want my children to know when they reach that point in their life.

Live in the now

Fashion comes and goes. Kids fashion even faster! Enjoy the now, because If you enjoy what you wear. Right now. You will always look back at photos with love and remember how you felt.

Take risks. Try new things. Surprise yourself.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Have fun and be silly! You will be able to enjoy your past self and love who you were. It’s all part of who you are now. You don’t have to go all in with just one look either, be a  chameleon and reinvent yourself as often as you like.

Wear what brings joy

Dressing for comfort and dressing to be comfortable are two different things. Just as wearing something that is physically uncomfortable yet makes you look great, wearing something that you are not confident about, can have a huge impact on your personality. Dress to showcase you, as a person. Looking good goes hand in hand with feeling good.

Being social

Living in a social-media-driven world, We are all models, authors, publishers and marketers of ourselves. Our own brand. It builds your narrative. Fashion and social media go hand in hand, so I feel this is important. Kids thrive on positive feedback. They crave it. So what happens when it goes the other way?

Remove labels

Labels are temporary. Fashion is not permanent so enjoy it regardless of what everyone else is doing. Labels do not define a person. You define yourself. We are so many things. All at once. Enjoy the fact that you are different.

Understanding intent

Understand how this individual came to their personal conclusion. Maybe they are trying to help in their own awkward way? Are they deliberately being mean? They may be sad, hurt or frustrated with their own shortcomings. They may be trying to make themselves feel better. They may be envious of your confidence. That’s a compliment.

Thank the haters.

For their opinions. For their opposing ideas. For caring enough to spend their time thinking about you and helping you grow. Big or small, you could learn something here! You don’t need to need to justify yourself if your decision brings you joy. The great thing is, they don’t even have to know that you are grateful. Sharing this, in person or online, is completely optional.