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Inspiration Behind Artist Belle

By June 25, 2013January 15th, 2018No Comments

We love to meet our local artists and share their amazing stories. Meet a Super Woman, who has had to endure a horrific brain aneurism. She shares with us how immersing herself in her creative art has helped her through a long road to recovery.

Let Belle be an inspiration to us all.

 My inspiration comes from within me, my internal passion and my dreams inspire my heartfelt creations.

In my mind I can visualise the creation and my hands then create the dream.

I don’t really categorise  myself as an artist as such “I am what I am” 


Each stand starts with a vision ,comes from my heart and made with 100 percent passion. 

“I make love look like art” 

After my brain aneurism I suffered extreme depression which buried my colour and my smile.

 I was faced with organising my daughters confirmation so I completely emerged  myself into the preparation of this function. My daughter had asked for a Twilight theme with cupcakes so my search began. After exhausting all possibilities I was unable to find any suitable type of cupcake stand of any decent quality. This is when I decided to construct one of my own. 

The feedback I received was amazing and gave me the courage and belief to make another. My love ,passion, dreams, colours and smile had returned.

For me , my creations are a form of expression but without words, a reflection of what’s on the inside.

The end result is simply a bonus for people to enjoy, to me the most important part is the experience of the journey.

All materials inspire vision and possibilities to me. At the moment I am a welder, next month maybe a Glazier. The prospect of working with different materials is always new and exciting. 

My artwork has been the absolute Key to my recovery, my Saviour. It is my ongoing therapy, it gave me speech when I couldn’t speak and let my mind create when I couldn’t think.



Belle Gualtier specialises in elegant cup cake stands for various occasions including weddings, birthdays, business functions and many more. 

Belle’s designs are unique and are suitable for any special occasion. 

To contact Belle or hire a cake or cup cake stand visit



Leièla Pty Ltd 126 Union Rd Ascot Vale 3032

 T (03) 9326 1285 E