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I was thrilled to take part as the Special 1st Edition Cover Designer for the World Class Australia fashion magazine recently.

The magazine also featured fellow Australians, fashion designer Georgia Young and model/mum/editor/Mrs Earth Air 2018… Sangeetha Singh.

I recently revisited the mag for yet another read. It dawned on me. There were some amazing tips hidden away for aspiring models, fashion designers and anyone with a dream. Here are the shifts in mindset that will start the positive change in your life.

Acknowledge the dream

The first and most important step in the entire process is to be aware of that feeling that pops up. Our feelings are a guide. If you feel good about any aspect of the fashion industry, It won’t go away so follow it!


The hardest, yet most important thing for any task is simply starting. Start small. Just start. Even just writing down “I want to be a designer” will give you the momentum in the right direction. Tell a friend. Then you can move onto the next step. It’s all about micro changes and a goal to keep moving forward. Over time, you will get where you want to be. You can start, anytime. Start now.

Keep an open mind

Opportunity is there, waiting for you to say yes. The more you put yourself out there the more experiences you will open yourself up to. You will meet new friends, mentors and clients along the way. These are the times you experience growth. The times that shape you into who you become. Plus, you never know where opportunity will take you!

“I connected with the photographer Tony (who I was meeting for the first time). He immediately suggested that we try the dry lake bed at El Dorado. The location turned out to be stunning…it took my breath away!”
– Sangeetha Singh.

Never give up

If you have ever had that horrible feeling “I wish I became a…” then you are in luck. This is your mind giving you a gift. You know what you want and it is never too late to begin. Never!

“Unlike what people think, I entered the modelling scene when I was 28 yrs old sans experience of course. But I was determined to learn the tricks of
the trade and was ready to be persistent. As a result, I ended up being here.”
– Sangeetha Singh.

Allow yourself to be creative

When designing I always imagine myself in a floral garden with amazing exotic flowers in all shapes and colours. I also find inspiration wherever I go as I observe people, cultures architecture, femininity & natural beauty. Inspiration and creativity are everywhere. All you need to do is slow down and look for it. Allow your thoughts to flow. All ideas will lead you somewhere great. Follow them.

Be Fierce – the obstacle is the way

There will always be millions of reasons not to follow your dreams. They come from an inner voice of fear. Fear of failure. Fear of not being worthy. These thoughts are telling you to give up! Push harder if you want to live your dream. Take nothing for granted and believe in your own ability.

My mother did not want me to follow in her footsteps so she didn’t want to teach me her craft. I persisted, went on to study fashion but I knew I still wasn’t great at garment construction, so I found my ideal workplace and asked them to do free work experience in their workroom. It wasn’t long before they offered me a paid position.

While I didn’t know it at the time, but my mother gave me drive and determination. If it wasn’t for her, I would not have gained the experience that lead me to where I am today.

My advice is you have to be passionate about it, not just about designing or constructing a garment but passionate about making the client feel amazingly confident wearing your creation. Have consistency, don’t strive for the top too fast you will burn out.DONT TRY TO PLEASE EVERYONE

My brand services Australian women who know classic style and quality, want the service of being able to try on a gown in one of our exclusive stockists and have it made especially for them. My collection is very unique in the way the gowns are constructed to fit most shapes and sizes, so working on marketing to highlight our uniqueness in the world of fashion.

Along the way, I have learnt that if you can’t please everyone. It reduces creativity and an end product that you are less passionate about. If you are 100% authentic, you will find your niche. Here you will thrive.

Be Selfless

I believe that a big part of growth comes from helping others grow. There is a positive energy that flows and it is redirected back into your work.

My aim is to reach out to our local youth, as I feel a sense of responsibility as a fashion designer. Teenagers are facing many challenges growing up, social media impacting body image, bullying and other social behavioural issues. Mentoring youth and helping them through the crossroads, being a positive role model by giving them a hand up.

Be Patient

When you know what you want. One of the biggest reasons dreams are not realised is a lack of patience. You never know when you are just around the corner from a major breakthrough. Keep working and don’t stop. Keep working and don’t stop. Keep working and don’t stop.

“Grow organically and don’t feel any pressure to be big overnight or ever in that matter. As long as you are as passionate as the day you started, you know you have made the right decision.”
– Georgia Young

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