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On a spritely spring morning (the second day of the season to be precise), when the cut grass puffed secret scents of youthful exuberance and a sweet breeze encouraged a reinvention of the self, Leiela was transformed into a canvas of The Live Gallery.

 “It must be one of the many faces of ART du JOUR,” she pondered, catching the sugared notes that dripped from the angelic sounds by harpist Claire Patti, “For it is a Live Gallery to rival a Louvre Gallery I visited once – a world of diversity in which art is fashion’s truest muse and the essential self is awakened through colour, energy and movement.”


A blockbuster event featured as part of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2013, Art du Jour by Leiela curated a most memorable Live Gallery experience, seamlessly combining Melbourne’s buzzing circles of artisans, fashion followers and keen cultural observers into one of those immersive portraits that personifies the very core of creativity. Set against the backdrop of the heritage Treacy Centre in Parkville, this event was an opportunity for people of all ages and walks of life to unite to celebrate the marriage of art and fashion as expressed through the practices and unique creations of artists, designers and creative talent including Andrea Agosta Designer Jewellery, Lana Volkov Shoes, Studio 941, Belle Gualtier Galleria, pascal et al., My Macaron, Kerry Bolwell Illustrations , Melissa Richards Millinery, Visual Artist Rachael McBride, Ikonic Kids, CLIQ Photography, Aime Garcia….and of course, Leiela Ladies Evening Wear herself. I understand if you need to take a seat after that extensive list, for, individually, you have most likely experienced the work of these people and been utterly inspired by the potential to realise creative endeavours that begin as mere figments of the imagination.

But what happens when you combine these unique talents and approaches to creative expression, concentrating this level of artistry in the one physical space?…Take a breath, and redefine your perception of the term ‘Creative Bliss’.


The warm aura of this free event proved that you really can afford no price to the cultivation of true creativity. An outdoor fashion show in the gardens at noon was the picture perfect setting for the sweeping pastel spring collection of gowns by Leiela and  gallery creatives; a display that lightened the heart with a refreshing glimpse of the latest spring palettes on offer as we head into racing season. With the expert touches of hairstylist maestro Emmanuel Ammo, make-up artist Shula Keyte Make Up Artistry and their dynamic teams, models from KEAT Management played muse to a new style of artistic expression; a live and enveloping experience in which the viewer becomes part of the canvas itself. To revel in the glory of artistic inspiration is truly a marvellous feeling, and even the little ones frolicking on the lawn in their first photo shoot run by Ikonic Kids Agency & Madeleine Chiller Photography could not wipe the smiles from their faces. Imagine the excitement of first discovering the way we can express ourselves through a marriage between fashion, art and photography!  


As Leiela twirled about inside The Live Gallery, satin skirt flirting around her ankles, she joined visitors in one of those ‘I don’t know where to look first’ sensations. If one wasn’t in raptures at the innovative genius of shoe queen Lana Volkov, or mesmerised by the sparkle of Andrea Agosta Designer Jewellery’s winking creations, then they were feeding their creative soul with the awe-inspiring artwork of visual artist Rachael McBride, quirky fashion illustrations by pascal et al., and the hottest handbags in town by Aime Garcia. If you wish I would stop there, I won’t, because stunning headwear by Melissa Richards Millinery and silk scarves by Studio 941 added the final touches of ‘tres chic’ to the event! Kerry Bowlwell’s sleek archival fine liner drawings complemented the clean aesthetic of displays by Cliq Photography, while I can assure you that every visitor seemed to find their way over to the spectacular cupcake stands by Belle Gualtier, and of course, the famous round pastel delights made to perfection by My Macaron. With the scent of a salted caramel macaron lingering on the lips, a silk scarf draped around the neck, a new pair if killer heels and a chic handbag, it was hard not to believe that spring 2013 would be the season devoted to an awakening of the new YOU!


There is nothing like that feeling of community and belonging that one gets from an event like The Live Gallery. A world of recognition goes to the inspiring Lucy Laurita and the team at Leiela, who never fail to perceive the importance of one creative soul nurturing another, and use this notion as the driving force behind the ART du JOUR project and its various manifestations. I can assure you that every single patron of The Live Gallery – young and old, artistically inclined or not – left with a full heart and an inspired willingness to contribute their creative gifts and ideas to the world.


But if you think that’s all from Leiela this season, I’d grab your seats now folks – this is only the surface texture of a canvas that must be seen to be believed! All will be revealed…Stay tuned!


Written by Alexia Petsinis

(pascal et al.)

ART du JOUR by Leiela is proud to support youth charitable organization Kids Under Cover

With special thanks to.

Shula Keyte Make Up Artistry assisted by Paola Margarita Senel, Maria Russo, Jennifer Major

Emmanuel Ammo Hair Stylist assisted by Karla Abdo, Andi A Hermez, Emre Chanela Bardan, Hiroko Ka 


Hector Calara Photography, Filipino Camera Club of MelbourneCliq Photography