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The excitement begins with Staging Glamour!

By February 17, 2012February 7th, 2024No Comments

Ladies and gents, well, mostly ladies, as you can probably already tell, we’re pretty excited to announce our event Staging Glamour! If you haven’t heard about it, then you better head over to our information page right now, we dare in, in face, we double dare you!

This event is a part of the very exciting L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival which starts on the 8th of March. But we’re sure you fashionable ladies already have it noted in your dairies!

Now we just want to give a shout out to our beloved facebook page. We really want to start to get to know the women who make Leiela possible, and that’s you guys, the support. So if you can head over there and click ‘like’, we’d really appreciate it. And there’s something in it for you! Because by clicking ‘like’, you’ll get all the latest info on Leiela, which includes the dirty details on Staging Glamour‘s five top secret locations. And yes, that means you’re one step closer in becoming one of the lucky ladies to feel like a celeb for the day and receive a fabulous head-to-toe make-over.

Share your red carpet awkward moments. Have you had a bit of a stumble in your favorite too-high-to-but-totally-worth-it-stilettos? Or maybe you’ve had your very own Janet Jackson nip-slip? Spill your secrets ladies, there’s no judgement here!

[Image via royalty free]