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One on One with Model Mary Vitinaros

By September 28, 2012January 25th, 2018No Comments

One on One with Model Mary Vitinaros

Describe a day in your life?

I have an extremely busy life, with so many things on my plate it is hard to predict a normal day!  I frequently attend university, where I am currently in my second year of accounting. Depending on the day I will have either castings or jobs to attend to, and when I am not modelling or at university I work at Ambulance Victoria.  I always try to keep a good balance of work and play in my life so I like to play tennis regularly and spend any spare time with my family, friends and boyfriend.

Lucy Laurita and Sara La’Vigne with Mary Vitinaros

How has your life changed since the Miss Universe 2012 pageant?

Doing the Miss Universe Australia pageant really threw me out of my comfort zone as it is so different to anything I have ever done.  My life hasn’t changed much since the pageant, however throughout the pageant I gained great skills which I feel will assist me in my future endeavours, such as public speaking and presenting skills, which really wasn’t my forte beforehand.  I also met so many amazing people who I still keep in touch with and talk to regularly.  The most important thing I learnt from the pageant is to always believe in yourself and who you are and also, that persistence is key. 

When did you start modelling?

I was 17 when I started modelling, which was an age that felt I was mature enough and old enough to do so.

What is one makeup item you can’t live without?

I cannot live without concealer.

You chose to wear Leiela gowns in the lead up to the Miss Universe Australia 2012 finals. How did you feel wearing Leiela on stage?

I am so glad I chose to wear Leiela in the Miss Universe preliminary and state finals!  The dresses flowed so elegantly and sparkled beautifully on stage, I felt amazing wearing a dress that fit me so well and was unique to other dresses worn by different contestants.  Lucy is always such a pleasure to work with and always so willing to help!  I am so grateful for Leiela gowns’ sponsorship throughout the pageant.

Photography By Dylan Lark

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