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Fashion Observer Magazine Feature – Issue 7 Out Now

By June 11, 2015January 6th, 2018No Comments
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ART du JOUR by Leiela feature in FOM Issue 7

Mentors, Makers and the Magic

ART du JOUR by Leiela Feature:  Fashion; from its muses and stars, its artists and makers, its vehicles and vessels to the world.

On a fresh Melbourne day we gathered a select bunch of people together in a magnificent and lively collaboration to bring you their exclusive words of wisdom. Topics from fashion and the limelight, breaking into the scene and candid conversations on how to stay current, respected and true to your craft.

Read the full FOM Issue 7 for more fashion, photography and events.

In a day and age where everyone is after a hand out ART du JOUR by Leiela believes in giving a hand up. Collaboration as the way of the future with innovation and creativity at the forefront, we hope you join us in Celebrating Melbourne’s Unique Culture soon.

Thank you to the fabulous team!

Photoshoot & Story: Coordinator: Lucy Laurita, ART du JOUR by Leiela – Photographer: Maurice Rinaldi – Model: Pettifleur Berenger – Gowns: ‘Leiela‘ by Lucy Laurita – Jewellery: ‘Celeste‘ by Celeste Billinge – Hair & Make Up: Fatima Musai & Malama Bobotis  – FOM Article: Nikki Chamberlain, ART du JOUR by Leiela
BTS: Videography: Andrew Fenaughty, Bottlebrush Films – Video Editing: Chelsea Hilsberg – Video Song: Basement Jaxx – Do Your Thing – Blogger: Jenni Anne, Melbourne. Arts. Fashion


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