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Creative Guide: Gifts, Fabrics & Accessories

By April 29, 2015January 6th, 2018No Comments


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Sometimes it takes just a little spark of creativity to make something magical… Inspiration is all around us even when it doesn’t always feel like it is. We’ve compiled a beautiful collection of fabrics, flower pieces and lace trimmings to help spark your next creative project, whatever that may be.

The Leiela Pinterest boards are a great place to lose yourself in all things Leiela. You’ll find our gowns, events, photoshoots and other beautiful images that we just can’t get enough of! Best of all, there is a board dedicated to the Leiela Etsy store where you can be the first to snap up the latest Leiela pieces.

For those of you lucky enough to be reading this today, you’ll also be the first to see our newest sale items! We have added a range of beautiful silky satin fabrics to our sale. You’ll want to get in quick as stock is limited.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 6.07.22 pmTake a look at our Etsy store by clicking here! Pictured above are the colours blue topaz, grape, and nude. These fabrics have been used on exclusive Leiela gowns that have been used in runway shows (as pictured above), editorials, bridal wear, evening wear and worn by Celeste Billinge, Pettifleur Berenger from the Real Housewives of Melbourne, Verity Hunt-Ballard  and more.

If sewing and textiles aren’t your passion, why not take a look at some of our decorative items.

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 Leiela lace trimmings can be found here.

black-Lace-Candles-DIY lace candle holders are not only stunning, but they’re so easy to make! All you’ll need is a candle holder which can be found in most craft stores and discount stores, a hot glue gun and Leiela lace trimmings like the ones featured above. Simply cut enough lace to wrap around the candle holder and stick it in place with a touch of glue. Et voila! A beautiful decorative piece for your home to help keep your place feeling elegant and cosy!



894095ef56101e41e57c1f1fac827b62Adding a touch of lace to wine glasses can be a beautiful feature to your table settings for your wedding or when you have the girls over for afternoon tea.





chocolate cake decorating chocolate and lace by Bellaria Cake Design Bring the wow factor to your next birthday event. Adding a lace trim around a cake can so easily turn it into a work of art! Try experimenting with different coloured frosting to see just how beautiful the lace can look.




Another creative way to style your next event can be as simple as adding Leiela floral centre pieces. They are featured in all modern weddings and can be used in so many creative ways.

Leiela floral centre pieces can be found here.

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Leiela floral pieces are made to order in whatever colours you desire. You can enquire about prices through our Etsy store. Take a look at some creative ways to use these in your wedding or next big event.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.12.40 pm

These flower pieces are such a great feature and look fantastic whether they are hung, draped, used as centre pieces or held by your bridesmaids.


Style tip!

Have you ever tried adding a belt to an outfit? What about adding a belt to a gown? These Leiela belts are a great way to style an outfit to make it as unique as you are. They are a great accessory that help to accentuate your waistline and add a feature point to your outfit.

Leiela belts can be found here.

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