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Welcome to 2017! We have kicked off the year with the world’s biggest fashion show, the annual Golden Globes. We all want to know who was there? Which designer made that dress? What happened both on and off the red carpet? To be honest, unless you are a mother of the “Stranger Things” cast, it doesn’t really matter who wins. It’s all entertainment and we. Just. Can’t. Get. Enough!

Everyone in Hollywood looked beyond glamorous. It’s ridiculous how good they looked. The hair. The makeup. The evening gowns. But of course, they look that good, right? Not only do they have the coin to afford it, but they also get the most expensive designer dresses thrown at them. Literally thrown at them! Ok, so maybe not literally. It all depends if you refer to the original definition of the word, rather than the modern teenager’s definition. Either way, we’ll show you how to get the look, at a price you can afford.

Lucy Laurita’s top 5; Best designer dresses at the Golden Globes


Sophia Bush looks amazing thanks to the simple lines in this black dress.


Surely, only Many Moore can make a sheath like goddess style gown look effortless!


Leighton Meester. Holy Cow! Could she look any more stunning in this soft flowing gown. Love the shoes too.


Brianne Davis didn’t need bling to stand out. The twirl does help though.


Viola Davis now owns the colour yellow! She looks amazing. And check out those arms!


Our favourite looks use simple lines. The use of minimal bling, earrings & bracelet or necklace & bracelet (not all three), really work to present a clean look that accentuates the natural beauty of these talented ladies.

The most important factor is to choose a style that suits your character and to be yourself. Our vote for the best accessory of the night is simple. Confidence!

As Jessie J once said, “Forget about the price tag”. Sure, she also said “Ain’t about the uh cha-ching cha-ching, Ain’t about the yeah b-bling b-bling”. But What I think she meant was you don’t need to spend big bucks to look this good.  She has a point!

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