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If you asked Amber, way back in 2016, what she would be doing with herself today, travelling to Japan to compete for the World title of Miss International definitely wouldn’t be on the things to do list.

Thanks to a discovery on Facebook by a pageant director and Ambers courage to say yes, when life presents opportunities, her world was turned upside down. With an incredible drive, Amber threw herself into the challenge one hundred and ten percent becoming Miss International Australia before stepping onto the World stage.
Amber Dew Miss International Australia

Where did the journey begin?

2 years ago I was contacted on Facebook by a pageant director after I was tagged in a group photo, she asked me to represent Australia in a Pageant in Taiwan. At the time I was only 19 with no modelling experience, however I believe being thrown into the ‘deep end it was beneficial to my future in the industry. Outside of pageantry I am a University student studying business communications, I work at a gym and a pool shop.

You should always be yourself.

How much work does it take to get where you are now

For 10 months I dedicated myself to Miss International Australia as a national finalist, I did a lot of charity work, community work and events. I believe this dedication was one of the reasons I stood out and was then eventually crowned as Miss Australia. Over in Japan representing Australia was a lot of fun but I had to work hard there too, I attended many events, did many speeches, interviews, lectures and so much more. Being crowned 3rd runner up in the world made it all worth it, however I really did enjoy the process and wouldn’t have regretted anything if I hadn’t placed.


Amber Dew Miss International

What does it mean to be Miss International Australia?

It is an honour to have this title, I have the opportunity to meet a lot of people and go to places where I wouldn’t have normally had the chance to go. I live a normal life here, ai work and attend university. Every couple of weeks I do go to events, photoshoot and mini trips though as apart of my title. The other girls in top 5 are basically celebrities in their countries and that’s where many of my fans are. If I were to visit Indonesia for example, I wouldn’t have my usual “normal life”, I too would be treated like a star! A lot of people there are inviting me over, so I might have to visit!

Amber Dew Miss International

What do you love about the role?

I love the opportunities that I have had and that are going to come, one of the main ones being travel opportunities. I love being able to travel and meet with new people and be apart of important events. Im a naturally driven person, if I want something I will always work my hardest. I never placed in any other pageant that I had entered in, but I knew there was a title planned out for me and I had to keep trying until I got to where I wanted, which is what I encourage everyone to do, as of course, everything happens for a reason.


Amber Dew Miss International

Amber Dew Miss International

What is your highlight and why?

My highlight of the pageant was going to Japan for a month! I was in a lot of TV advertisements which is something I think is awesome. I also love how I have many friends now all over the world!

And the lowlight ?

Probably the competitive nature that some girls had during my time in Japan. I was myself the entire time and I could see the girls who faked it, which is something that is really sad because in anything you do you should always be yourself!


Miss International

how did you feel to represent Australia on the World stage?

I had so much fun, everyone asked if I was nervous, but I was too excited to worry about anything else. The only time I felt a bit anxious onstage was when I was announced top 8 which meant I had to do a speech infront of thousands of people. I was worried I wouldnt know what to say, but once I started talking it came naturally.


Amber Dew Miss International

What would people be surprised to know about the Miss International titles?

People might be surprised to know that pageantry opens so many doors for us women. It is not just a fashion show. In my time in Japan I met many mayors and people in government and business. I was offered jobs in business, internships with the government and went to sacred places that the general public cant go to. Now in Australi, I am an ambassador for Tourism in Japan, and I am attending many special events with the government. I am meeting many contacts which I believe will lead me to find work in the Australian Government oneday (after I finish Uni).

Miss International1

Fashion trends you love?

I love outfits that have a “wrap”, to go around my waist. I think these outfits are really nice because it allows me to dress conservative and therefore professional, whilst giving my body some shape. An example is Lucy’s jumpsuit, black dress and green wrap

So what’s next for Amber Dew?

I am continuing to work closely with Japan, and I hope to join a modelling or acting agency in the new year. My dream is to one day be the director for Miss International Australia and make this pageant so big in Australia that every girl will have these opportunities. For now, I am planning a modelling workshop so girls can get started whilst learning about fashion, the industry, skin care and positive body image!

WInners Miss International