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Alexia Petsinis ART du JOUR by Leiela feature blogger.

By March 1, 2013January 25th, 2018No Comments

Alexia Petsinis ART du JOUR by Leiela feature blogger.

Where is Leiela? Walking the runway? Preserved in paint? Or perhaps she’s standing on a street near you! During the month of March, Leiela is everywhere; and I am going to help you find her. I’d like to introduce myself, Alexia Petsinis, Feature Blogger for the Art du Jour program as part of the 2013 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Join me on my adventures across Melbourne as I bring you the freshest and most exciting collaborations between Leiela and numerous talented local artists, designers, photographers and performers; all of whom have united to ask the question: “Is fashion art?”


As a keen observer of the increasingly blurred distinctions between the closely related discourses of fashion and art, I often marvel at how we use our clothing much to the same effect that an artist uses their paint; to express the nature of our internal landscape to the world. Indeed you and I are interesting people, but externally, we are merely blank canvasses seeking ingenuity in fashion to give our lives significance and vibrancy.


With an overwhelming response from creatively minded individuals eager to celebrate the synergy between art and fashion, Art du Jour features a month of creative pop-ups around Melbourne with fashion focused events including Styled By Ramzy and a photographic extravaganza, iShoot, along with innovative contributions from Studio 491, Ikonic Kids, Filipino Camera Club, Emma & Eve, Art by Expression Productions, Babydolls Make Up Artistry and Vanity Hair and Beauty Salon to name a few. What unifies these creative endeavours is a desire to connect with the essence of fashion through an appreciation of its manifestation in our culture; whether this be though art, photography, film, music or performance. Look out for the iconic Art du Jour logo designed by Stephanie Thy, winner of the Art du Jour logo competition. Stephanie’s sleek design encourages us to consider the presence of fashion in our creative lives, which extends far beyond the exclusivity of the runway.

As Art du Jour unfolds through curiosity’s coloured threads, I am delighted to be working with Leiela to unite you with the mysteries of fashion and art in their many inspiring forms.

Follow my discoveries during ART du JOUR by Leiela on my blog:

Let’s find Leiela!

Alexia x