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June 16, 2017

13 Very Unique Designer Dresses from Tony Awards

Designer Dresses, Big Names, Big Personalities. It was all happening at the 71st Annual Tony Awards The 71st Annual Tony Awards, hosted by the amazing Kevin Spacey, were held on...
life + Dresses
May 30, 2017

The only Three reasons to wear a belt

We discuss the art of dressing for your body type and you guessed it,  the wonderful world of belts! Sure, of course, I am conscious and aware of my own...
Fashion observer magazine - black dress life + Dresses
May 10, 2017

10 Tips To Surviving The Fashion Wars; A Melbourne Designer vs Goliath

I was  absolutely thrilled to be a part of the latest issue of Fashion Observer Magazine. We discuss misconceptions about working in the fashion industry & how to survive. Fashion...

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Proudly Australian

As a designer I won’t shy away from my obsession for always ensuring my style and its approach is unique. Now we all know that analysing what it is to be Australian is positively un Australian however offering you a unique perspective, presenting a style point of view, allowing fashion to not only work with you but also work for you is what we are mindful every morning when we get up to face a new fashion day.

Lucy Laurita is who I am, proudly designing & manufacturing within Australia and be it current or future client thank you for visiting. I hope my gowns find a place in your life.